Walter Lorenzo Marr
Engineer, Designer, Philantropist, and Family Man

About Mr. Walter L. Marr

Mr. Marr's Background


Mr. Marr grew up in Michigan in the late 1800s and had a bike shop on the same block as Henry Ford.  He worked for David Dunbar Buick on platform engines until 1902 when he left to start the Marr Auto Car Company Company,

Mr. Marr returned to Buick in 1904 and was one of the founders of General Motors as his employment agreement, patents, and Buick stock were required for Billy Durant to get the financing to start the company.

Mr. Marr was Chief Engineer for Buick until 1915 and served as Consulting Engineer until 1922.

Racing and Walter Marr


Walter Marr was the head of the Buick Racing Team.  He was pictured here with the racing team and #34 which Louis Chevrolet ran and Indianapolis in 1910.



Mr. Marr was involved in early aircraft design and patented the Aeroplane in 1910 while working in Colorado.

Walter L. Marr patented a winglet that was licensed by Curtis Aircraft for many years to keep the fuselage from stalling during turns.

Buick Racing under Walter Marr as Chief Engineer

This is a video of the Buick Bug taken at the 50th Anniversary of the BCA, Buick Club of America, held in Allen Town, PA.  The Buick Bug marked Buick's return to racing.